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Monday, August 29, 2011

(strawberry-infused) Tequila!

Suggested listening while reading this post (but of course):

I picked up some beautiful strawberries at the store just before Hurricane Irene hit, but didn't have specific plans for them... so why not make some strawberry-infused tequila?  We had a bottle of Sauza Blanco that could use a little sprucing up -- and there's not much that's easier to do than infusing liquor.  I quartered about a quart of fresh strawberries, added them to a mason jar and covered them with tequila.  In two or three weeks I'll be making up some fun cocktails... I'm thinking maybe a strawberry tequila lemonade with muddled basil?

Strawberry-infused tequila
It doesn't get much easier than this: Quarter enough strawberries to fill 1/3 of a mason jar and then fill that jar with a white tequila (while I wouldn't use the cheapest tequila you can find -- no good ever comes from drinking really bad tequila -- there's no need to use the super good stuff either, since it'll be taking on the flavor of the fruit); cover it up (almost right away you'll see the the strawberries will begin stain the tequila a beautiful deep pink and lose their own color) and hold off for 2 or 3 weeks before straining out the strawberries and enjoying it in your choice of tequila-based cocktail. 


  1. 10 days or so after I first infused this tequila, I strained it and added fresh strawberries -- tasted almost too good and was a big hit at our Labor Day barbecue